6 Hot Sexting Tips for Gay Men
7 months ago

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, many people have been turning to online sexting to keep the fire in their relationships burning. But let us face it, sexting in LGBTQ relationships is not as easy as it sounds or in any case different from that of straight couples. However, you have a lot to think about sexting gay men. You certainly do not want to sound too creepy, desperate, or undesirable.

Everyone has his sexting style. However, you should be aware of some things whether you are familiar with sexting or not. To help you get started, we have mentioned six hot sexting tips to keep you confident and seductive.

1.     Establish Some Rules First Before Sexting

Before you go on ahead and start sending your nudes to different gay Snapchat accounts, you need to set some rules for yourself and others for your partners. You certainly do not want to see your messages trending on different social media platforms. So, to avoid such embarrassments, you need to talk with your partner about sensitive details such as what you will do with the message history or nudes. You need to talk about securing personal information, voice messages, naughty pictures, or videos.

It will also be a good idea to ask them questions of what their expectations and plans are from whatever you share in your sexts. If you are sexting online, make it clear that you do not like them to save the pictures or videos. Note that sexting can be enjoyable but you would not like to be a victim of a “sex video” or nudes leakage.  

2.     Make Sure the Other Party is Ready for Sexting

You can’t just begin sexting a stranger online without their consent. Just because you are ready to sext does not mean the other person is. The best way you can go through this is to search through the gay Snapchat finder usernames to find a potential partner.

Go through the results and find someone who matches your preferences. You also need to ensure that the person is online or was a few seconds online, especially if you are in the mood to begin right away. Do not text someone who was last seen a few months or a year ago. Chances are that they will never reply on time.

3.     Do Not Rush Sexting

 Even though you might be already turned on, you certainly want your other partner to be on the same page as you. Dirty sexting is like foreplay, you want the other guy to be turned on as you are before you go into the details. Some people are not comfortable with the idea of sexting with a stranger online. To others, it might be their first time and they will need to get comfortable with you before they bring their naughty side into the light.

Therefore, to seem like a caring partner, simply start the conversation small and head up. You can begin with questions like “How was your day?”   

4.       Be Playful and Confident

Sexting can be hard especially to new gay men online. You might find it a little difficult to text some words. So to avoid all these, just do not take yourself seriously. Be a little playful and you will be surprised by how words will start flowing out of you.

5.     Prepare Yourself

Search for phrases or words you can use to sext your partner that will want them to get under the sheets with you. 

6.     Note How they Are Responding

One more important thing that you should take note of is how your potential partners are responding. Some may be boring to sext with and some will not match their energy with yours. So ensure you go through your Snapchat gay users to find a sexting partner as excited as you are.

In Conclusion

Remember that sexting should be fun and maybe bring your fantasies to life. If you are new to it, then make sure you practice enough before engaging in it.

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