7 ways Snapchat users can improve their sex life
27 days ago

Want to spice up your sex and love life but aren't sure which app to use? If you didn't already remember, the answer is Snapchat. You haven't heard of Snapchat, have you? Then there must be teens or 20-somethings in your life who use it for a variety of purposes, including sexting. To begin with, what is Snapchat's primary goal? To take provocative and scantily dressed pictures of yourself that would vanish after the time limit had expired. This person may be your spouse, girlfriend, acquaintance, or some random stranger you found attractive at the party.

Here are seven ways Snapchat users can improve their sex life by making it easier for you –

  • Snapchat is ideal for sexchat: One of the most popular uses of the app is to send raunchy and seductive snaps of themselves to boyfriends and friends (with benefits). Alternatively, if you think you might do a great job by sending a 10-second video to tease the opposite sex, Snapchat is the app to use. The best thing is that if the user has seen your Image, all of the snaps and videos vanish. Unless your Snap is so interesting that the receiver feels compelled to screenshot it.
  • Talking dirty on the phone is now a thing of the past. It's safe and clean, but it's also vulgar. And, yea, not everyone feels comfortable talking on the phone. After all, nobody want to be the victim of an eavesdropper now, right? Snapchat is a perfect way to keep all of the spicy elements of phone sex alive while keeping it easy and discreet. It's a good bet that you'll be sexting alone and there won't be any sticky business and there won't be any physical touch. So, when your husband is away at those dull business meetings, you can surely spice things up by teasing him with your Snaps. To prevent uncomfortable circumstances, do not do so during meetings.
  • Long distances can be a deal breaker in relationships, particularly if your partner is in a different time zone. You can bridge the gap in your relationship with Snapchat by sending each other explicit photos and videos, which is a perfect way to keep the flame alive in long distance relationships. It's no longer necessary to log in and out of Skype to video chat with your girlfriend or boyfriend.
  • Make a profile picture in the style of a GIF: Don't let a blank white ghost reflect your vibrant personality — instead, make a GIF-style profile picture. By taking many photos in a photo booth-style, Snapchat enables you to make a GIF-like profile picture t to add to the list of your Snapcode (that's the profile picture/ID badge you can use to get people to follow you). Right now, it seems that the feature only works with your front-facing camera, so taking selfies are your only choice.
  • Create Story Playlists for gay and lesbian partners: It can be exhausting and visit the Story page to see what your mates have been up to. On a Saturday afternoon, watching all of your friends' tales will take longer than watching all three Lord of the Rings extended editions, and you wouldn't see a single hobbit. But, who knows? I'm not acquainted with your acquaintances. Fortunately, you can narrow down the number of stories by using Story Playlists, which allow you to select which of your friends' stories to play in a single stream.
  • Find horny girls and boys near you: There are a number of ways to add friends on Snapchat — scan a Snapcode, add someone by their username, incorporate your contacts — but one that gets overlooked is "Add Nearby," which allows you to easily add friends that are physically near you. Let's say you meet someone moderately interesting at a party and want to add them to your Snap account; if you both have the Add Nearby menu open, you'll be able to find them in that list of users.
  • Remove audio from your Snap after the fact: That someone in the background of your party Snap was gossiping a little too loudly about their different foes. Perhaps you Snapped something awesome but said a swear word, and you don't want your Aunt Linda, who faithfully watches all of your Stories, to know you have a potty mouth. It turns out that you can actually remove the audio from your video Snap before sending or posting it. Who'd have guessed?

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