First Time Online Dating Topics for Gays
7 months ago

 You have set up a great online profile on one of the dating sites. Fortunately, you have found a guy out of the tons of gay usernames you have found who is interested in you and you also like him. He seems like a great guy and the perfect match and that has left you speechless.

Now it is time to start talking. You certainly do not want this one to go down the drain, and a little, “Hey how was your day?” does not seem to hold the conversation for long. So now, you are wondering, “what is a great topic that can be an icebreaker?” Well, if you do not know how to start the conversation or keep it going, then do not worry. We have compiled a list of topics that you can discuss both online and offline if you two ever go on a date.

1.     Tell Me About Yourself

As usual, when going out for a date, the first question most guys tend to ask on the first date is to let them know about yourself. Sounds like one heck of an interview, right? Well, this applies to online dating, unless of course, you are only after Snapchat sext. However, if you are looking for a serious relationship, you certainly want to know who your potential partner is, where they come from, and other important personal details. So if you are stuck in starting a conversation you can ask this simple question, which can keep the conversation going.

2.     I Love Dogs…Do You Have Any Pets?

Most people whenever they go out for a date, tend to ask their dates whether they are a cat or a dog person. Some believe that if they are a cat person, then their perfect match will also like cats and the same applies to dogs. But far from that, if you are into pets, then do not forget to ask your online date which type of pet they have or love. It can be a great icebreaker and can find yourselves discussing more your pets.

3.     What Is Your Family Like?

If you are considering a serious relationship, then chances are that you will meet your date’s family eventually. So it would not hurt to ask about his family unless he is not willing to discuss that with you.

4.     What Type of Movies Do you Like?

How nice would it be if you find a partner who loves romantic, scary, or comedy movies just like you?

This can be another great starting point of your conversation n and even better set up a movie date.

5.      Are you Looking for A Serious Relationship or Something Casual?

I guess we should have started our list with this question. You must understand what your potential guy wants out of the relationship. If you want to only have fun, then go through a gay Snapchat group to find someone who is also looking for the same thing.

6.     Has the Covid-19 Pandemic Affected You in Anyway?

The trending pandemic can be a great topic to kick start your conversation. Ask them if the disease has affected any part of their lives, maybe their job, business, salary, studies, etc.

5.     Other Questions You Can Ask

Other interesting topics you can ask are as follows:

  • Have you seen any good movies lately?
  • Are you a morning person or perhaps a night owl?
  • How was your childhood like?
  • Do you love traveling?
  • What do you like doing during your free time?

Sum Up

Hopefully, these questions will help you keep your conversation with your partner going on for the longest time possible. Try them next time you are stuck in finding an interesting topic to discuss. If you are interested in a casual encounter, then you can perhaps try a gay snap finder.

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