Guide to Online Sexting While Social Distancing
7 months ago

Social distancing is the new norm as we all look forward to protecting ourselves against Covid-19. To long-distance couples and singles, this has affected largely their sexual intimacy. Singles are afraid of hookups or one nightstand since they do not know about the health status of their partners. On the other hand, long-distance couples either have been locked down in their state or country or have fear of traveling amid the pandemic. This has left all of us with only one option, online sexting, especially if we want to keep our sexual lives active.

Sexting has been with us for the longest time possible. The only thing that was different from the traditional one was how they did it. For instance, instead of texting the words, a man or a woman would stare at the crotch to let their partners know they are turned on or ready to do the deed. Thankfully, the time has now changed and sexting has been made easier through sext finder  apps.

Dirty texting during the pandemic is not just for couples but also singles who are in quarantine. Most of us believe that sex is all about touching and kissing. However, what we do not realize is that communication plays a big role in sex. Letting your partner know what you want to be done to you is the most intriguing part and you can now do this online. If you are wondering how you can sext with a partner while social distancing at home, then you have come to the right place. This guide will help you in knowing the right way to dirty talking.

Be Careful, Be Safe

We have stumbled upon sex tapes, photos, messages, and audios of popular celebrities. This is a clear message that storing nudes, photos, and sex videos will surely end badly. So, to avoid having a scandal, later on, be extra careful whenever you are Snapchat gay users online. Do not trade nudes or naughty videos if you do not trust the person. Better yet, do not put your face in it. There is a high chance that your nude photo will be shown to a friend.

It is simply a good idea to let your partner know that you are not comfortable with them storing your messages or sharing your naked pictures. Let them know that you would like them to delete your message history after your chat.

Know What To Say

Sure, you are sexting someone on the internet during a pandemic. But you do not have to kill the mood by asking the person, “Hey, what a good day it is”. Just make sure that whatever you say while sexting relates to what the other person has texted. If they are talking about undressing, then talk about running your fingers around his naked body. Just don’t mention something that will destroy the mood.

A Perfect Experience for Beginners

If you are new to sexting, then dirty talking online may feel weird to you. That is why you should test if first solo or with someone experienced online. It is sexting in these social distancing times that can help you get through a dry spell.

Expand your Erotica Vocabulary

You cannot just use one erotic word with all sexting Snapchat usernames. If chances were that these messages leaked between partners, then they will be laughing at how poor you are in sexting. What’s more, using words repetitively will only bore your partner and even turn off the mood.

So, to avoid looking like a nerd in dirty talking, then you need to expand your vocabulary. Do extensive research online and pay attention to naughty words and phrases. Once you have enough words, feel free to use them.


Sexting during the pandemic can be a good activity to keep your sex life alive. Remember to be open to new grammar and be a little bit serious. If you are wondering where you can start, you can try out sexting finder apps.

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