How to Sext on Snapchat
27 days ago

Have you ever sent a flattering photo of yourself in a new VS bra to your Snap-person from the comfort of your room, mid-Netflix binge, only to have them sext you something so hot that you have to interrupt your Fleabag binge for a short vibrator break? Have you ever done so thinking that your photos would inevitably vanish?

Snapchat is the way to go for those who want to openly sext without thinking about their boobs or peens floating around in the Cloud. However, there are ways to make any content you submit via Snapchat last longer than the app's default setting.

Discussed below are some of the ways that can help a wonderful experience while sexting on snapchat.

  • Do only with people you can trust: The benefit of Snapchat is that if anyone screenshots your picture, you'll be notified right away. However, if the person who just saved it doesn't care that you know, for example, this does not benefit you. There are also other sly ways for someone to save your picture (like having a friend take a photo of it with their phone). If you're Snapchat sexting someone, make sure you trust them; otherwise, leaked nudes might be a problem. Discuss why you like Snapchat and what you hope to get out of the experience. Don't give them to someone you don't know well or who you suspect of sending them to someone else.
  • Set the tone with texts: This is especially important if you're snap sexting with someone new. Before bombarding your crush or partner with your nudes, it's polite to start with a few flirty messages to gauge their interest and cultivate sexting consent. Send them a private message explaining that you need someone to come over and share this giant plate of nachos you just made (or any other flirty text to pique their interest). Even if you're trying to naughtily distract your S.O. mid-workday, it can be fun to start with teasing texts before adding visuals.
  • Take a sexy selfie:

Women, especially snapchat girls are chastised for taking sexy selfies, which is nonsense because there's nothing wrong with congratulating yourself on your good looks. Give your best sexy selfie pose to your crush or girlfriend (here are some brilliant ideas). Is this a concept we like? Give them a morning selfie with a naughty caption if you're enjoying your morning bedhead.

  • To break up the routine and show off your sense of humor, send goofy filtered selfies alongside sexy ones, like that cat lady grandma or whatever Taco Bell is promoting at the moment. If your crush can't handle you at your bread loaf face, they don't deserve you at your puppy dog face. To spice up your sex life, nothing beats some strategic snapchat sexting. With just a single picture, you can turn your lover on. If you want to spice up your relationship, snapchat sexting is without a doubt the best choice. Even if you're new to sexting in general, it can be a perfect way to add that extra zing to your relationship.
  • Consider that which turns them on: Consider their preferences. You do not consider your stomach to be particularly attractive. Your girlfriend, on the other hand, could get a kick out of it! Don't just dress up the photo to make yourself look good in your own eyes. Consider what they want to see in their bedroom and try to bring it in as quickly as possible.
  • Find the right angles for you. It's difficult to sext on Snapchat without understanding the best angles. Before submitting it to your significant other, you can practice using the camera, shifting it around, and taking a lot of practice shots. To make this process go more smoothly, stand in front of a mirror and find out which angles give you the best results. Then try to get into the same spot as before, keep your phone out, and snap a photo. [Learn how to submit sultry naked selfies like a pro]
  • Use a mirror to assist you.

Use the mirror instead of depending on yourself to take the picture. Take a snapshot of your reflection standing in front of it in a sexy pose. This is also a great way to add variety to your shot by using your whole body rather than just one element. Sending your lover, a full-body nude photo can be very effective.

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