How to Sext Safely Online
7 months ago

Let’s face it, sexting is never completely safe but this does not stop people from doing it. You will always be taking a risk sending naughty photos and videos and that is okay. The problem comes when sexting online with a stranger. You will never know if your messages, videos, or audios are safe. Well unless you are doing it safely, then you have nothing to worry about.

 Bear in mind that there is nothing like risk-free sexting, just like there is nothing like safe sex without protection. The major risk you will face with sexting is your messages, nudes, and videos being forwarded. You have probably seen it from our celebrities and it can also happen to you. If you are not willing to take a risk, then do not sext. But for those who are ready to try it, then there are better ways you can do to protect yourself and your reputation. In this article, we will present you with some tips on how to go around gay Snapchat sexting safely.

Risks of Online Sexting

 Before we get to safety tips, let us look at what could go wrong when sexting online:

  • You can be bullied and harassed especially when your messages leak
  • Emotional abuse: If the sexts are forwarded, you may feel betrayed and this can affect your mental health
  • You can never undo the damage. Once you have hit send, you cannot cancel the message.
  • You can feel embarrassed
  • S ome people are liars. Just because you have promised to keep the sexts safe does not mean the other person will do the same.
  • Blackmails from hackers: Sometimes, hackers can gain access to your photos or videos and demand something from you or else they release the content online.

 So, now that you are familiar with the risks, we can get down to the safety tips.

1.      Get or Give Consent

First things first, before you start sending or receiving dirty messages, you need permission from the other person. You cannot just pop in someone’s DM and start demanding nudes. Sexting should be done by two people who are ready to go through it. That is why if you want to dirty talk with someone online, search for Snapchat sexting finderto simplify the job. With sexting sites, you are certain to find like-minded partners.

2.     Discuss Expectations

 Most people when they hear about sexting only think about nudes. But this is not entirely the case. Sexting is simply sharing any type of message be it photos, audio, or videos online. So before you start   sending any of these, set up some ground rules and discuss your expectations. Make it clear that you do not want your messages to be forwarded or that you are not willing to share your naked photos. You can also agree on deleting messages when you are done sexting.

3.      Hide Messages from the Lock Screen

You certainly do not want to receive a dirty message when you have left your phone with someone to go to the bathroom. To avoid such embarrassments, then block texts from showing on your lock screen. Most importantly, use the lock screen options to prevent anyone from gaining access to your device.

4.      Use Safe Sexting Sites

Want to guarantee your safety when sexting online? Then use legit and encrypted platforms such as sexting Snapchat website. By using a secured site, you are doing yourself a huge favor to ensuring your messages are protected.


When you turn to online sexting, you are putting yourself through some risks. But either way, by using these tips, you can be safe. Just remember to sext responsibly and respect boundaries.  

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