Rules for Online Dating
7 months ago

Online dating has made life easier for many single people whether gay or straight. This is just something you will hear mostly from almost all dating platforms today. However, the only thing that these apps forget to tell you is how difficult it is to find your perfect match especially for gay, bi, and Trans people.  The men you may like will not like you back. Or perhaps they will want something casual when you are looking for something serious.


In short, dating online for the LGBTQ community is a tough job. However, love always conquers it all when you find your ideal match. But before you get to that, you need to ensure that you go around the whole gay dating thing correctly. With that said, here are some of the rules you should be aware of,    whenever you date online.

1.     Do Not Request Nudes on the First Message

Do not just start a conversation by texting “Hey can I get your nude?” This is considered as being bad-mannered and can lead you to be blocked or receive many rejections. To save yourself from such embarrassments then you should instead wait until the other partner is comfortable enough to send a nude. Alternatively, you can go through gay Snapchat usernames to find out who is willing to send pics.

2.     Do Not Put Your Face in the Nudes

You have probably heard of how people have been bullied and body-shamed online after their nudes or sex videos leaked out. So, if you are willing to send a couple of naked pictures to your potential partner, then do not put your face on them. This is just something that you should only try when you have been dating for over a year and to someone you trust completely. By not including your face in the nude photo, you will be guaranteeing yourself safety and prevention from future embarrassments.

3.     Be Charming, Friendly…Be Yourself

Do not be a creepy and uncomfortable guy to talk to. Know what to say and what not to dare mention. Moreover, you should be friendly, considerate, and very understanding. When someone does not want to talk to you, then do not push the conversation. Instead, find other gay snap users who may be

interested in you.

4.     Do Not Stalk

 If you have found a potential guy to date, do not go around doing the detective work. Sure, you may want to know who they are, what they do, among other things, but do not be a stalker. Don’t go around their Instagram and Facebook pages to see what they are up to every second of the day. If you scroll down his old pictures and accidentally like any one of them, you will only seem like a pure obsessive guy.

5.      Know what you want

There are hundreds of online dating sites each serving a different purpose. Therefore, confirm first if you want a hookup, something casual, or long-term. Those who want nothing but sex can go through the gay Snapchat finder to find someone with similar intentions.

6.     Familiarize Yourself with the Rules of Sexting

If you are looking forward to nothing else but sexting then understand how to do it right. Be polite whenever you are asking for nudes. Additionally, do not be too judgmental or body shame someone because they look different. Remember that one key to successful gay snap sexting

 is to be confident and full of compliments.

Wrapping Up

These are just some of the rules you should be aware of. Keep in mind that the best way for you to do online dating is to lower your expectations. If it does not work with one guy, you will still have plenty of other gay Snapchat accountsto try out.

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