Sexting Apps Comparison: Tinder, Snapchat, PoF, Zoosk and Confide
27 days ago

Sexting Apps Comparison: Tinder, Snapchat, PoF, Zoosk and Confide

Best sexting sites

Sex is our basic need after hunger. Sometimes we can fulfill these desires online. As we need only human connection especially in corona pandemic times, it’s better to keep social distancing.

Sexting is sending sexually explicit images or voice messages to someone. Planning the date and going outside makes you tire.

 There are many apps available online. Some are free and some charge you only a few dollars per month or year. Here we will review five apps best to enjoy kik sexting

  • Tinder

Tinder allows you to connect your social media profile with your tinder account. You need to fill in your basic information, write a bio then swipe. The app helps you to locate other users if you get any desired user, swipe right. If your favorite person also likes you then you both can chat with each other. You can share kik nudes.

Basic package: Free

1-month charges: $8.99/month

6 months charge: $5.25/month

12 months charge: $4.12/month

Tinder also have many other packages of gold platinum, select according to your choice.

  • Snapchat 

It is the same as Facebook or Instagram. Snapchat is a free app that offers you has a feature of disappearing images. Your image will disappear after 1-10second you can set any time limit of disappearance. The app notifies you if the recipient takes a screenshot of your image. 

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This app doesn’t respect your privacy. Although it notifies you if someone takes a screenshot what you can do at that stage? Only confrontation.

  • Plenty of fish

. Keeping your privacy this app allows you to create an account with any name. Select the category of your choice smartly. Now you can search any profile. Match their features with your desires. There is the option “meet me” which is the feature you want hot or not. You can also search nearby profiles. Chat between two people won’t charge you anything.

 Basic package: Free

4 months fee: $19.35 per month

4 months fee: $12.75 per month

8 months fee: $9.99 per month

You can send video messages and images in this way both people can see and hear each other. Which I think is a good option to come close to someone.

  • Zoosk

One of the best app not only for sexting but also for relation buildup. As it offers a photo verification feature. Users with their real images help you to know with whom you are talking. The app doesn’t offer you any free basic package.

1-month: $29.95

3-months: $19.98

1 year: $12.49

Zoosk doesn’t give privacy protection but the image verification feature helps you to keep away from fake profiles. This app has 40 million users across the world.

  • Confide

If you want to keep your sex life highly private then confide is a good app. The basic concept of this app is to secure your conversation. It has no screenshot policy. App has screen shield technology that all conversations can be read only one line at one time. A person has to keep a finger or click with the mouse to read the full message. The app doesn’t show a username on the same screen. So it’s difficult for any user to identify.

Basic package: Free

Confide Plus: $4.99/month

Confide Pro: $15/month

Some businesses use pro membership of confide to keep their information confidential.

Real-life dating is the better way to know someone and help you to build a long-term relationship. But sexting is an alternate solution to real-life sex. The only benefit you will get while sexting is you don’t need to touch someone.

Choose any above-mentioned app and continue to enjoy your life. But if you don’t get what you want simply uninstall the app and switch to a new app. Keep trying new apps till you get what you want

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