Sexting Tips
7 months ago

Sexting is known to strengthen relationships and transform sex life. However, only a small percentage of people have mastered the art of sexting while some are still in the dark on how to do it the right way.  If you are a beginner and have no idea about sexting, then do not worry. Here are some tips that can help you learn the flirtatious world of sexting.

1.     Make Sure You Are Sexting the Right Person

If you are using online sexting finder sites like KikSext, then the first step is to find the right person. This means that if you are into guys, then you should filter your results to find the ideal partner through the gay Snapchat names list.

2.     Be Confident and Do it Right

Sexting is simply like foreplay, but only through words. If you are going to sext, then ensure that you do it confidently. You will have to build up the sexual tension by using sexy and dirty words. Make sure you do everything right and work up to the moment.

Additionally, know what to sext and what not to text. You do not want to start the conversation by asking, “How is your mom or dad?” or something similar to that. It is through your words that you will turn your other party horny and allow them to open up and continue sexting. However, if you are not confident enough or you use the wrong words, you might get blocked for being too boring.

3.     Do Not Hold Back

Pretty the same as being confident, right? When we talk about not holding back, we mean that you should be playful as long as you are comfortable with gay snap sexting. You should not hold back on all those dirty words you wish to say. Once you are comfortable with the first sexts, then you can walk towards being graphic. Fantasizing what you would like to be done to you and explaining it in words is what makes sexting so stimulating.

4.     Set the Scene

Another tip on sexting is to describe what you want your partner to do to you. You can tell them something like you are lying on your bed with nothing on and with the lights off. By setting up the scene, you are allowing your guy to imagine what they could do to you if they were there.

It simply creates tension and makes them want you even more. Just be careful to choose your scene appropriately. You do not have to be in that exact place. Instead, you can imagine or create a scene that seems best for you. But keep off some places that may be a turn-off.

5.     Do Not Forget to Compliment Them

Do not forget to compliment your partner even if you are doing it online. There is always a profile picture on online gay snap finder sites, which they use. Once you find the right option for you, then check their profile and use that to compliment them. You can tell them how sexy they look with that outfit or how hot their abs look. This will help them get comfortable with you and can act as an icebreaker.

6.     Take Advantage of Emojis

We live in a modern world where everything can now be described by an emoji. Whether you are hungry or horny, there is always an emoji to explain what you are feeling. So, if you are shy about using dirty words when texting, you can instead express yourself using emojis. For example, the eggplant or banana can be used to symbolize the penis while the peach is used to describe the butt. The honey pot or taco is used to represent the vagina.

7.     Know-How to Ask for Nudes or Take Them

Remember to be polite when asking for nudes. Do not go ahead and start the conversation by asking for nude pictures. Instead, wait for things to heat up and then tell them you are curious to know how it would feel to caress them.

If you are taking the nudes, do not go on ahead and take the entire naked body all at once. You can send a peek of your breasts, bra, or underwear. Moreover, make sure you send the nudes to a trustworthy gay snap user and do not put your face in the picture.


Sexting takes some time before you get a hang of it. Just remember to be descriptive as possible and be safe whenever you are using sexting apps.

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