Wickr: The secret messaging app that respects your privacy!
26 days ago

One of the most trending apps in fly for a greater part of the last half decade has been Wickr, and this is so a very good reason! We’ve enjoyed a lot of messaging benefits from this great app that were not available before and we continue to. One of the best things offered is the security it provides for confidentiality and privacy. We can get all dirty in our conversations and have nothing to worry about— no scrolling back to delete, change or wipe conversations.

Wickr is built on a strong belief that privacy is a universal human right that fuels global innovation and economic growth and empowers democracy. Wickr offers peer-to-peer encrypted ephemeral consumer Messenger and enterprise-level products designed to protect urgent and sensitive data and conversations.

So are you on Wickr? Are you also enjoying all the values this secret massaging app brings? If not so, you should get on with creating and account and getting a wickr username. Unsurprisingly, there are millions of Wickr users and off course, you can connect and find friends amongst the lot.

Once you get on the site, www.wickrusernames.com you click to join and follow the prompt. After completing the registration, you might even be surprised at the number of friends suggested to you that are already on the platform.

Off course, one of the process of the registration would involve choosing a username, which would be your wickr username and what other users would use to search and connect with you. It is important for you to choose one that is not only nice but witty too. Many of the users on wickr choose names that associates more with the kind of persons they want to connect with.

Our platform gives you a wide range of variety to choose from, allowing you to pick usernames as it appeals to you. You can also choose to peruse first, view lists and make informed choices. Wickr users enjoy a distinguish level of privacy and security, giving control of messaging, to the sender rather than the receiver. Which means that everything from who can read it to how long it can be read is securely in your hands. Luckily you don’t have to be a secret agent to ensure your security so setting up and using Wickr is easy for anybody with a smartphone and a paranoid streak.

The spicy part, our site helps you to pick matches that you’d like to connect with once you are using wickr. We have selected groups of wickr users according to their preference of friends which makes your search really easier and much more satisfactory.

Relish in the simplicity that our platform provides for the much needed fun of private chats and sharing like never before!

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